North Country Service Corporation, the Health Insurance Division of the North Country Chamber of Commerce

MVP Health Care

Coverage available for most of Northern New York: Clinton, Essex, Franklin, Hamilton and Herkimer Counties. Rates for other counties available upon request.

Below are the available rates for both individuals and groups, please be sure to look carefully to make sure you are looking at the correct product.  If you have questions please email Lisa. This is just an example of products, tiers, and pricing available. For a current and personalized quote please contact Lisa directly.  

Individual Rates for 2022

More plans are available this is one sample at each level.

Bronze 2 Premier Standard HMO

Deductible: $4700 Individual / $9400 Family
Co-Insurance: 3 PCP Visits at $50 no deductible
Prescriptions: $10/$35/$70 subject to deductible
Individual: $539.73
Subscriber/Spouse: $1079.46
Family: $1538.23

Silver 1 Premier Standard HMO

Deductible: $1300 Individual / $2600 Family
Co-Payment: $30/$50 subject to deductible
Prescriptions: $10/$35/$70
Individual: $706.20
Subscriber/Spouse: $1412.40
Family: $2012.67

Gold 1 Premier Standard

Deductible:$600 Individual / $1200 Family
Co-Payment:$25/$40 subject to deductible

Platinum 1 Premier Standard

Co-Payments: $15/$35

Group/Business Rates for the 4th Quarter of 2022 (off-exchange)

Subscriber/Child rates are available. There are many plans for each level available. We have listed only one example of each. Have questions? Call 518.563.1000 or email Lisa.

Bronze 2 HMO

Deductible:$6000 Individual / $12000 Family
Co-Payments:$35/$60 (3 visits at $0 no deductible applies to PCP visits)
Prescriptions:$10/$40/$60 subject to deductible
Individual: $508.84
Subscriber/Spouse: $1017.68
Family: $1450.19

Plans outlined below are national network plans.

Silver 7 EPO

Deductible:$3100 Individual / $6200 Family
Co-Payments:$30 (no deductible on PCP) / $40 subject to deductible
Individual: $698.45
Subscriber/Spouse: $1396.90
Family: $1990.58

Gold 1 EPO

Deductible:$850 Individual / $1700 Family
Co-Payments:$15/$50 (3 PCP visits $0 after not subject to deductible)
Prescriptions: $10/$35/$70 (generic not subject to deductible)$200/$400 deductible on brand and tier 3 and 4 drugs.

No deductible for Urgent Care, ER or Telemedicine
Individual: $825.73
Subscriber/Spouse: $1651.46
Family: $2353.33

Platinum 5 EPO

Individual: $952.22
Subscriber/Spouse: $1904.44
Family: $2713.83

Example rates are monthly premiums. Group rates change quarterly but are locked in for 12 months once a plan is written.

Contact Lisa for more information:

Please call or email the chamber representatives, Lisa Bedard Dupee or Stacey Bushey for answers to your questions, to learn more or to sign up.